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No! You do not have to pay for the course. However, we might ask you to do some work through your phones, I-pad or laptop if you have these. This helps you to generate content on your own in between classes.

Every two months we start with a new group of students. Every week there will be two classes. You can apply here

It certainly helps you if you already have a strong command of either Dutch or English. But the teachers also speak French, Italian, Spanish and German! And some of our co-teachers speak Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Russian or other languages. We welcome you and will find a way to get your short story out, no matter which language you speak.

You can share films on this website through social media. If you are the MAKER of the film, you will obtain a digital file of it after the editing is a 100% complete.

YES! We strongly promote that you work together with other students. It is important that you learn together with and from others. The filmic and journalistic medium can be very hard to master if you wish to do things all by yourself. So, yes, find others to join you.

After you have applied via this link we will give you all the details on where and when school takes place. We will meet you there.

Firstly, we aim at students co-creating a short film, a photo series or a podcast.
Once any of these have been fully completed, all students will receive a certificate of adherence and an assessment of what you have learned and implemented with AMIR.

If you strongly feel that there is a necessity for it, you could use another name than your real name, the one that was given to you at birth. We understand that for some people using your proper name can create issues for family members abroad, for example.

If you wish to ‘make a name for yourself’ as a filmmaker, we recommend you using your own name if possible.

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If your question is not answered, please feel free to reach out to us using the information on the contact page.