Teaching young newcomers to create video content based on stories they wish to share with the world.

Our mission

Create a platform for stories you would like to develop and share with the world around you. People who are new in the Netherlands have remarkable ways of interpreting and observing their surroundings. They also have gained life experience by coming here. Stories we can all relate to and learn from.

The AMIR project aims at creating short, yet compelling, films with young people, who were not born here and who are new to the Netherlands. They can be residents of an AZC, a ‘statushouder’, you could also be undocumented, or already in school and trying to embrace and understand your new home and its culture.


who are you

We are interested in your story. And if you have the intention of learning basic, yet crucial skills in either filmmaking, journalism or photography we welcome you to join us.

And if you are keen on singing, drawing, dancing or making music we love you to join us too!

We embrace all forms of creative talent.

  • are you roughly between 16 and 30 years of age?
  • are you new to the Netherlands?
  • are you a resident of an AZC?
  • are you a ‘statushouder’?
  • are you undocumented?
  • are you already in school and trying to embrace and understand your new home and its culture?
  • would you like to learn how to create uplifting and compelling stories with others by using the filmic and journalistic medium?

If ANY of these things above apply to you, feel free to join

TEll your stories

Our main aim is to create solid short films with you.

To do so we have weekly lessons in which we teach you how to create a film based on:

  • a diary or poem
  • a videoclip
  • a reportage
  • a portrait of another person

If you and we decide to create a photo reportage or a podcast instead of a film this can surely be one of the options. However, our main aim is to teach you how to work with video and the filmic medium, using cameras, sound recording, editing and eventually a cinematic presentation.

You can use the skills obtained in any other context in media after you finish your time with us.

“It’s wonderful that I’ve had the chance to learn these skills from experienced individuals. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn something new and appreciate the guidance provided by my instructors.”


“The mentoring I received throughout the course was invaluable. The instructors were experienced professionals who were passionate about teaching and guiding us in our creative journey.”



If you have any questions, comments, or would like to join us as a visual storyteller, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us